Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Scrapfest 2008

Thanks to Sarah I have these two wonderful pictures of Scrapfest 2008. I made new friends, I stayed up way too late, I drank too much caffeine, and I had the most wonderful time ever!! Oh, and I snore (sorry Jennie). I tried my best for two nights in a row to wait until everyone else had fallen asleep so no one could hear me snore but I was unsuccessful both nights. You think I could have done it at least one night, but no, I am not the night owl that I always thought I was. I tell you what...these girls are hardcore night owls. Thanks for the memories gals...it was way fun!!

My dad and his dog

This is my dad and his dog, Kid. A very long time ago Kid followed my dad home when he was out jogging one morning. He was such a cute little puppy and my dad convinced my mom to let him stay. Kid had been a member of our family for many years now. He is getting old and it is almost painful to watch him try to stand and walk after having sat for awhile. I know that when he finally passes it will be a very sad day in the Fellingham hearts. I was thinking about my dad and Kid this morning so I thought I would pay a little tribute to them. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

pouting zachary

Zachary was throwing a royal fit while Darrel was practicing soccer a couple weeks ago. I couldn't resist snapping a picture of the pout face. I just found this cool photoshop action (free...yea baby) that made it look like this. I, by the way, am having an AWESOME, and WONDERFUL time here at Scrapfest 2008. A big thank you to all those who put it together and for the clique that I got to hang out with this weekend. Welcome to our newest member (you know who you are...)

Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm off to SCRAPFEST

I am just doing some last minute preparations and getting ready for a girls weekend. I am SO EXCITED for Scrapfest. A big thank you to Erin for the invite and to Sarah for all the massive prep work. You guys are both AWESOME! I pulled together all my scrapbook stuff last night and I looked through so many pictures. I haven't scrapbooked in so long. I am still in 2002! That is so sad. I still have two more years to scrapbook before Zachary is even born. AAAUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! I can't belive I'm so far behind. If I work really hard this weekend I may be able to get to the beginning of 2003 but then I just need to set myself up someplace to work so I can keep going. I really do enjoy scrapping our lives and I LOVE looking at the old pictures and remembering all the good times we've had as a family. Anyway, I can't wait for the late nights and the laughter and the good food and fun. PARTY ON!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

fun in Idaho

We had SO much fun in Idaho. We visited so many good friends and I think that every one of us had a blast. The boys were able to visit with our old next door neighbor and with their cousins in Fruitland. They stayed overnight in both places giving me lots of time to visit with other friends, myself. Zachary got a little under the weather while we were there but is feeling a lot better now. A big thank you goes out to Rashae for taking care of my sick little boy while he visited her house. What a trooper to take such good care of a child that isn't even your own. Also THANKS to Anjeanette for hosting us all and taking care of so many little details for our nights on the town. Thanks for the hosting, the hospitality, and the all around good time. We are such lucky people to have found such wonderful friends where we lived before and where we live now. That was such a great vacation for me and my boys and I loved the chance to bond with them as we visited our Idaho friends.

This is the boys with their cousins - Marlies, RaAnna on the haystack

This is Eric with Johnathan and Alex. This is the friend that Alex and Johnathan miss the very most. They pretty much spent every non school waking moment with Eric.

Friday, January 11, 2008

THE doghouse

This is Diesel coming out and then standing in front of his doghouse. He and Shelby share this when we leave them outside. I think they actually really enjoy this house. Thanks to Danny and Amanda for getting this duplex the dogs have a very nice place to lay their heads when they are stuck outside.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My mom's family

This is my grandma and her six children. My mom is the second from the left. I took this picture over Christmas at a family party. Trust me when I say this picture was HARD to get. My uncles are such hams (well, at least the two on the end are) and with a little (a lot) of photoshop help, this is the final product. Maybe next time I'll show you the outtakes, they are actually pretty funny.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Elise and Emily

I just thought this picture was too cute to pass up. I LOVE the new haircut, Elise, and you and Emily and Jacob were so fun to be with over Christmas. Thanks for the memories!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

photo op over Christmas

I had the wonderful opportunity to take some darling pictures of Emily, Jacob, and Jaxon over the holiday season. Emily and Jacob belong to my sister Elise and her husband Les, and Jaxon belongs to my brother David and his wife Jackie. Now, I do realize that black was probably not my best choice for a background with what they are wearing, but you work with what you have. Next time I'll just have to be more aware of how much my subject is blending into the background and do a little back lighting to prevent this problem. These pictures, nevertheless, were so fun to take. The kids are just darling and they all did such a great job posing and smiling.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ice skating

One of the days that we were in Utah my dad and I took the boys ice skating. Benjamin (my brother) is on an ice hockey team and he needed to get some practice in. The boys had a blast on the ice. Both Alex and Johnathan got the hang of it after a little while and had a great time.

The Christmas Tree

Here are two pictures of my mom's Christmas tree the few days before Christmas. We had a bounteous Christmas with everybody that was there. We had our family, Elise's family, Heidi (a good family friend), my mom and dad, Ben, and David and Jackie. There were also presents under the tree for Elise's extended family and my Grandma. My mom said that she had never seen so many presents under one tree. We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I'm posting...but not much

OK - you'll have to be patient with me. I had a very full day and now I am very tired and all I want to do is go to bed, however, I promised a post and so here it is. I have about a billion pictures from our Christmas vacation but I am only posting three tonight. I am saving the others for other posts. I am going to have to take this slow and easy. I may still be posting about Christmas in March, but that's just the way I am - take me or leave me. Oh just forgive me and get over it, you know you'll keep coming back for more :0) - it's just so darn suspensful...

These two pictures are courtesy of our day of sledding. We went up to a hill by Darrel's brother, Martin's home where we (I say we loosely) - Darrel and the two older boys - went sledding with cousins. I stayed in the car with Zachary because he didn't want to sled and we watched 101 Dalmations while we waited for the cold ones to come back. Alex had an unfortunate incident which involved his teeth and lip - we briefly thought about going to the ER for stitches, decided against it, and just hope we made the right decision. His swelling has yet to go away entirely but I'm sure it will soon, I'm just sure of it, positive, mostly... The top picture is Johnathan after a successful run down the hill and the bottom is Alex jumping off the hill that caused the accident just a few runs later.

Here are the boys getting ready for their day of snowboarding. They were just trying out their snowboards in the backyard. They were so excited and ended up having SUCH a good time. They can't wait to go again!!


I have spent the last hour or so looking and reading and catching up on all my friend's blogs. I now feel like I am so behind. I need to get my rear in gear and blog. All my pictures from this vacation are on my laptop and I am on my desktop. I need to switch computers to update my blog but I didn't want to keep my captive audience waiting even one more minute. I PROMISE that some time today I will get on my blog and update - even if it is late tonight. Be patient just a few more hours. Thanks! And Happy 2008!!!