Wednesday, February 15, 2012

random school pictures

This first picture I took of Johnathan's class on the way to a fieldtrip. Where did they go you ask? Well, they went all the way to the high school (which was basically around the corner) for an agricultural field trip. One of the nice things about Idaho was they had a whole agricultural section dedicated in the high school. There were tractors, baby farm animals, and lots of other things for the kids to observe. I think it may have been a class project for the high school (looking back now) but the elementary kids loved it. It was fun to go with Johnathan on this fieldtrip. I took the liberty of using an arrow so you could find him easier in this photo :)

This other picture was taken at a Fall Festival that the elementary school put on. The elementary school did some really fun things when the boys were there and we always tried to go and enjoy the festivities. What fun!!

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