Monday, February 06, 2012


I know I still need to add a picture for today, but I have to write the funny thing that Zachary said this morning before I forget.

So, Zachary says to me this morning, "Mom, can I have lunch from home today?"

I said, "Sure, hon, what do you want? Is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich okay?"

And he says yes, so I go ahead and make the sandwich, put some crackers in a bag, find a treat, and add $0.30 to his lunchbag so he can buy a milk. Meanwhile, Zachary finds the lunch menu on the fridge and is trying to figure out what hot lunch is.

I take the menu from him and tell him that it's oriental something or other (I can't remember now) and he says, "Oh...I did not see that coming."

Then he asked me if he could save his at home lunch until tomorrow and I said, "Sure, except tomorrow is pizza day."

"What's tomorrow, tomorrow?" (his way of saying day after tomorrow) and I told him what it was.

Then he says, "What's tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow?" and I suggested that he just save his at home lunch for an after school snack. "Good idea mom" he says. Funny kid.

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Elise said...

I am SO glad you are back! I will look forward to checking in with you often this year! I love all the pictures. I miss you!