Thursday, February 02, 2012

the puzzle

Over Christmas Johnathan got a puzzle from Santa Clause. The puzzle that he received (above) is over a foot tall and more than three feet wide. Johnathan started the puzzle and then got frustrated with the puzzle. This puzzle was HARD!!! They should have puzzle ratings. I'm just sayin... Darrel and I spent hours and hours working on this puzzle. He made a firm committment never to do a puzzle again that was painted and didn't have firm lines. At the end, we weren't even looking at the puzzle piece color anymore - we had separated the pieces into shapes and were just putting it together based on the shape of the piece. Darrel and I really enjoy puzzles and I liked working on it with him, but oh. my. gosh. this was a hard puzzle to put together. You could stare at it for 30 minutes and put one piece in and feel such a sense of accomplishment :) I think everyone in the house put some of this puzzle together and that is why when we finally finished, we glued it together and it is now on the wall. We are proud of our puzzle.

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