Tuesday, February 07, 2012

busy day

I had a busy day today. Thanks to Amanda I was able to spend the day at the Elementary School. We had Kindergarten Registration at the school today and I went in to help. We also had a PTA meeting that I led. It turns out that the school didn't end up needing my help for the Kindergarten registration so for part of my day I did this...I cut box tops. I was putting my elementary education degree to use! I am GREAT with scissors...ask anyone :)

Then, later that night I helped put together a baby shower for my friend, Cynthia, and her cute baby Emily. I wasn't able to stay very long (because I unfortunately double booked myself), but it was fun to plan and help set up the room for the party. This crib was part of a group gift we put together.
Cousin Bunko was the reason I double booked myself. We planned this a long time ago and I had forgotten that it was for this night. We had a blast!! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. My cousins (and extended family) are hilarious!!! Thanks to Amanda for being my bunko model for the picture and a BIG thank you to my cousin Julie for hosting us, putting on a fabulous dinner, getting fun, fun prizes and letting us listen to your infectious laugh all night :)

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