Thursday, May 29, 2008

one of the things I did on my Memorial Day

Here are just a few of the pictures I took of some very cute kids on the morning of my Memorial Day. We had a good time and got some great shots. Enjoy.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

and they said it couldn't be done....

but I DID IT!!! Well, actually, technically we did it. Darrel and I together accomplished the impossible task. Darrel probably even did more than I did, but I want the credit too. I can't believe we accomplished what I thought to be impossible. I am totally kicking myself that I didn't take before and after pictures so you could see the dramatic conclusion and it would seem so much more dramatic if you saw the before picture. Now, you have to keep in mind that this is totally still a work in progress. We still have much to do with selling and organizing and de-junking, and de-cluttering, but still, you can't build Rome in a day. This was a monumentally huge project for us both physically and mentally. And we did it!!! I PARKED MY CAR IN THE GARAGE....LOOK and be proud. Now, I want some good comments for this one dang-it!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

One big long rambling post coming up

I don't know how long this is going to be. I don't know if I have that many things to say. This past week was a whirlwind of activity at our house. We had a couple of games, a preschool graduation, getting back on track at school, day camp preparations, 5 sacrament talks to prepare, etc. We were out of town last week at Darrel's parent's house. We had such a great time. We always love getting together with his family. But this time was especially cool because his sister who lives in Maryland was there with her three kids, (one of whom I've never met in person) and his sister who lives in Oregon was there, another sister is living with his mom and dad temporarily until their house sells in Illinois, and another brother came up from the valley (Phoenix) to see everyone. It was a very packed house but we all had a wonderful time. The boys love going to Grandma and Grandpa's house because there are so many things to do outdoors. Johnathan spends the majority of his time riding the four-wheeler, Alex played with his cousins, mowed the lawn (riding lawnmower), and helped out Grandpa Buzz. Zachary was all about being outside with his cousins and for the first time had minimal parental supervision outside and was loving it. They all built a fort in the horse pasture, played on the merry-go-round and got very muddy when dad and grandpa Buzz fixed the sprinklers and were testing them out.

The sisters and sisters-in-law pretty much stayed inside, chatted, watched the little kids, and I took a BUNCH of pictures for Father's Day surprises. I went out at least once pretty much every day to take pictures. We did get some dang-cute pictures though (see previous posts).

Preschool graduation went well. The kids were SO CUTE!!! They are just so funny. Some of them are so different when their parents are around. It's interesting to see the change in their little personalities. Not in a bad way, just a change, usually they are way more outgoing when their parents aren't around then when they are. I made a dvd for the parents of all the pictures I had taken through the year. I thought it turned out pretty nice. I didn't get a title or picture on the front, though, I was a little disappointed that I ran out of time to make that happen. Next year I'll have to start my end of the year preparations a little sooner.

This week I start my summer fun classes. I have a lot of them filled so we'll have a house full every Tuesday for awhile. I'm excited though, it will be really fun. I have some way-cool crafts planned that even I am excited about. This Tuesday it will be all about color. We're going to use eye-droppers and water mixed with food coloring to drop onto coffee filters. We're also going to paint and do other fun things with colors and color mixing. Fun, fun, fun!!!

This week I also have pictures four times this week. Two sports teams, one family, and one set of sisters that are all here visiting from different places that want a picture to give to their dad for father's day. It's going to be another busy week.

Alex had his last soccer game yesterday. His team lost was pretty sad. The kids were pretty disappointed to lose their last game but they vowed to all be on the same team next year and keep trying to get better and better. The kids on the team are all very sweet and they played really, really hard. They have a soccer team party next Saturday (combined with a birthday party for one of the team). They are all looking forward to getting together just for fun and not for competition.

It's starting to get really hot here. I mean REALLY HOT!!! It hit 100 yesterday and it's supposed to be over 100 for a couple of days yet, before it cools down again. I have a feeling that it's only gonna get worse from here on out. AAARRRGGGGG! I'm not ready for the hot, hot! I knew it was coming but it doesn't make it any easier. I'm in envy of Joy right about now, sitting pretty up in Washington. Maybe we'll have to visit up there sometime.

Anyway, I guess this qualifies as a big, long rambling post. I'm sorry it doesn't include any pictures...maybe next time.

Friday, May 16, 2008

just a bit longer...

for you to wait. I would love to post a big, huge, rambling post about something, or nothing at all, but I can't just yet. I have a haircut (hopefully) today, I have to call all the boys about day camp tomorrow, get the stuff ready to teach for day camp, go to the party store and get some pinatas to decorate for day camp, go to Micheals and see about a craft for my summer classes that start this coming Tuesday, write a talk for church on Sunday, attend day camp tomorrow and Alex's last soccer game, go to Johnathan's baseball game tonight, etc, etc.., I'm glad that Seth is coming this morning to keep Zach entertained. Zach would be pretty cranky with me today if he didn't have a friend coming to keep him company.

OK- so I'm off to start my busy, busy weekend.......

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm sorry that I've been MIA when it comes to posting, I've been busy, busy, busy. Tomorrow marks the end of another year of preschool. Preschool graduation is first thing in the morning. I've been waiting for this day for a long time and yet I can't believe it's here already. These kids are so cool and I've really enjoyed being their teacher. Tomorrow is going to be bittersweet for me. Next week starts a whole new round. I'm going to start summer craft classes next week. I already have a majority of the little kid classes filled up. It's going to be a crazy summer. I have two team pictures next week also. Like I said, crazy (but fun) summer. I'll post more when I have time and add some pictures...which is also the best part of a post from me.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

While in Arizona three of my sisters-in-law asked me very nicely to take some pictures of their are some of the pictures I snapped.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Here in Arizona

Because Darrel had to work later than anticipated last night, we didn't leave for Arizona until around 8:00pm We arrived here about 2:30 this morning. We are SO tired. Hopefully I'll get a nap this afternoon. This morning I have been playing around on photoshop so I thought I would show you some of the fruit of my labors...enjoy. These are pictures from our trip to San Diego a couple of weeks ago.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

sorry it's late...the family photo

Let's make it clear here, that this is just one of the photos I picked...this is not the DECIDED on photo. I just wanted to get a family photo out here so people could see these gorgeous people.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

sorry, I just had to show a few more

just a few of the many

I kid you not...this is just a few of the many, many pictures we took. What a BEAUTIFUL family!!! I tell you what - this was fun! I know that Erin might beg to differ, she was the one that was running around doing cartwheels trying to get everyone to look at the camera and smile. Okay - she wasn't really doing cartwheels, but she was pretty intense on the getting people to smile part. Thanks Erin, you made my job about a hundred times easier. Anyway, enjoy the preview....