Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Growing up

My boys are growing up. Kate is too, but I feel it more right now with my boys. Alex is 15 and now has his driver's permit. Every time we get in the car he wants to drive :) I remember when I was that age and did the same thing. Alex loves working out and is getting some serious muscles to prove it. He works out at least three days a week for over an hour. He is a very dedicated kid. He is also teaching himself to play piano. He watches videos on how to play the songs he likes and then learns them. He is getting pretty good. Alex was on the golf team in the fall and really wants to make the soccer team this spring. My fingers are crossed for him.

Johnathan just had his 13th birthday, so now I have two teenagers in the house. Ack! It makes me feel so old. He is in junior high now and looks different than even the picture I just added to the side bar. He is so tall and slimming up a ton. He has almost caught Alex in height. He played soccer this fall and will again I'm sure.

Zachary is now in second grade. He will turn 8 in March and will be baptized. He will be my final son to be baptized. *sob, sniffle, sniffle* He is such a friendly kid and LOVES to play with his friends, or cousins. He also played soccer this past fall and is currently in basketball (which is very amusing to watch)

Kate is now almost 15 months old. She has been walking since she was almost a year old. She is starting to say animal sounds and says a few words. She LOVES her brothers (she has a special relationship with Alex), and loves to be around her Grammie and Grandaddy.

We have been blessed to make our home with my parents for the time being. It is a mutually beneficial relationship and we appreciate their generosity.

I know, it's a pretty short update, but I hope to start getting more frequent in my posts. It's one of my goals for the new year, so we'll see how well it goes.

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